Golden Festival

The Experience WAS golden! GOLDTRIPPER rocked the 50th anniversary of Southend Green Festival (Hampstead), performing "Heroes" by David Bowie as part of a 45 minute set of original material, to a packed audience in the street & summer heat. Two days after Brexit ripped the country apart, it was good to feel whole/hope again!

In the Studio

Thrilled to be putting new tracks down with such talented players in such an amazing studio.Four new songs for the album (out later in the year). Last night Will nailed the drums - through the Neve console - coolest of British mojo. Will's sparkly kit and the way he plays it is most definitely keeping

Great gig at Electrowerkz

Great gig at Electrowerkz - thanks to all who came down! Look forward to the next. Meanwhile been editing video for the latest single "Don't Hide Your Love" and have started recording two of the new tracks for the album.

Golden era album covers

Woke up today and had this phrase in my head: "Music of a golden era that is NOW!" Yeh, that's GOLDTRIPPER alright! Got my vinyls out and took this pic. Seminal albums that shape my music, float through the tones, to breathe new life into your airwaves... #beatles #steelydan #littlefeat #joecocker #eltonjohn #stones #freddieking #slystone

Thank You!

It's amazing to see the results of all the hard work beginning to come together - the tracks, videos, the sound, the EP - and the band. I am so lucky to be working with such great talent and just want to say a huge thanks to all of you! Can't wait for the launch

All GO! in the Goldtripper camp

Final tweaks on the videos for the new single "Senorita", and "Don't Hide Your Love" (release date 19/10/2015). Thanks to Jake for the expert help with Final Cut. Meanwhile Dan is busy working on designs for the EP (CD) as we are about to go to pressing. Band rehearsal tomorrow evening with new set-list to