GOLDTRIPPER embody the eclectic spirit of the 60s and 70s with fresh guitar pop, analogue grooves and irresistible retro vibes from singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alex Golding.

Raunchy rock n roll from the hip, silky vocals from the heart, sublime guitar lines and funky rock beats underpin timeless melodies that tantalize and taunt.

GOLDTRIPPER songs are ‘full of life, full of energy, with great melodies and rhythms’ that take you on a journey though cosmic soundscapes of inner darkness and light. The experience is golden….


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A dazzling display of audacious talent and craftsmanship…. beautifully layered pop songs, grooves and irresistible retro vibes, written and produced by Alex Golding. Listen to more tracks here

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GOLDTRIPPER chosen to play “Golden Festival” – 26th June  3pm – the 50th anniversary of the Hampstead Festival!!!

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GOLDTRIPPER pack a unique punch of raunchy retro with fresh melodies that hit you in your gut and soul through beautifully crafted songs. To see where we’re playing next – click EVENTS! We hope to see you soon!

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thegoldtripper @thegoldtripper
goldtripper  @thegoldtripper
Well here it is - confirmation it's true. Sad at the loss of such a true artist and gifted songwriter. And… 
goldtripper  @thegoldtripper
Back from the dead? Even the losers get lucky somehow... Its SO #TomPetty xx 
goldtripper  @thegoldtripper
RT @The_Wrath_Of:Tom Petty was reported dead then not dead. Which makes sense because you can stand him up at the gates of hell but he won’t back down. 


Golden Festival

The Experience WAS golden! GOLDTRIPPER rocked the 50th anniversary of Southend Green Festival (Hampstead), performing "Heroes" by David Bowie as part of a 45 minute set of original material, to a packed audience in the

In the Studio

Thrilled to be putting new tracks down with such talented players in such an amazing studio.Four new songs for the album (out later in the year). Last night Will nailed the drums - through the

Great gig at Electrowerkz

Great gig at Electrowerkz - thanks to all who came down! Look forward to the next. Meanwhile been editing video for the latest single "Don't Hide Your Love" and have started recording two of the

Golden era album covers

Woke up today and had this phrase in my head: "Music of a golden era that is NOW!" Yeh, that's GOLDTRIPPER alright! Got my vinyls out and took this pic. Seminal albums that shape my



Herman Stephens

Bass, BV’s

Joe Harvey-Whyte

Pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, mandolin, BV’s

Alex Golding

Lead Vocals, Guitar

Will Spurling

Drums, BV’s

Zeb Jameson

Keyboards, BV’s